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Admission takes a little time, admittedly, but it’s quite easy and worth the time it take to get everyone on the same page.  After all, it’s your child we’re talking about.

Below are the 5 most asked questions we receive from the parents of the newly applying child.  Maybe they’re your questions too.

If you are interested in talking to us more, you can give us a quick call at (360) 594-1445, schedule a visit (below on this page), or simply fill in and submit the Admission Inquiry form to receive more information.  

To apply, click the “Apply Now” button below…

1st most asked question

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2nd most asked question

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3rd most asked question

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4th most asked question

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5th most asked question

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Admission Inquiry



Mon – Fri (5 days)

$1,100 per month


4 or 5 day options

$945/month – 5 days;  $765/month – 4 days


4 or 5 day options

$945/month – 5 days;  $765/month – 4 days

School Age

Half or Full Days

$550 – half days; $945 – full days

AHA Childcare accepts DSHS subsidy dollars.

Come Visit Us

One of the easiest ways to get comfortable about what we offer is to just come see for yourself.  We understand that and so we encourage you to click the button below to schedule a tour.   Most parents enjoy taking the tour, and to be honest, we enjoy giving them too.