Aha! & Aha 2 Childcare & Family Learning Center

Spring has arrived with both days of beautiful sunshine and many rainy days. During the sunshine the children have enjoyed getting outside, planting in the flower boxes or garden, time playing on the playground and reconnecting with outside.  During the rainy days there have been many activities around starting seedlings in pots, recreating rainbows and hearing about how Jesus shares his love with us through new life. This has been a busy time in the classrooms. A reminder for all: We post all events that are happening as well as changes in the program (snow closures, county health alerts etc.,) on the website for Aha! .  Please check it out. It has links to helpful sites.  We also have a Facebook page that Jean updates regularly.  Jean McMahon is our communications person.  If the Center number of 360 594-1445 does not pick up and/or you need to speak with/text information Jean’s number is 360 220-4730.  She will make sure to reply quickly as her phone is always with her.

News from the Toddler Room


There is never a dull moment in this room.  We welcome Sarah to the toddler room.  She has moved over from Aha 2 to be a part of this amazing group of little learners.  Amber is still working with the toddlers as well as Rachel. The children are learning to share, play in groups, expand their vocabulary and expand their large motor skills.


News from the Preschool and Pre-K:


All our classrooms are showing signs of spring.  Our theme for the Spring is New Life.  Art projects have been planned around flowers and different plants and how they start. We also have explored the weather, dinosaurs and space. Each month we add more activities to explore new life. In May we will be adding insects as a part of the new life process and how they help the plants. The children are also seeing many baby animals as they look out their car windows.  We incorporate this into the activities when they share what they see. As children show an interest in certain ideas the teachers work on expanding activities to help them learn more.  Along with our normal devotion times, we also have Good News club once a week with Angela to learn more about Jesus.  This is a fun activity and the children enjoy sharing what they have learned with others.


News from the School Age Program


The excitement of Spring is present in the School Age classroom.  Spring break was a fun week of activities including a field trip to Star Park and Sparks Museum.  Brigette, Jordan and Lexi worked very hard to make this a fun week for the children. Part of our time together is spent learning about Jesus. Good News Club has ended for the school year.  This summer we will host a 5 Day club in both centers.



April 30th- May 4th is Teacher Appreciation Week.  We are setting up a Happy Hands Tree for parents to add hand prints to, letting their child’s teacher know what their child appreciates about them. You may take a few moments at home and help your child trace and cut out some hand prints or/and use the hand prints we have by the sign in books.


 Did You Know!!!!  Garage sale will be returning later this spring.  Items for sale are posted on the Aha! Facebook page even now. We also have items on Ebay. If you would like to support Aha! in other ways we have a Fred Meyers rewards account number which is 85523 and an Amazon smiles account for families that order through Amazon. Please check with administration staff for help in setting up the links.

Please review the Healthcare policy on illness below.


This may also be found in the Parent Handbook (p. 8) and Healthcare Policy (p. 5), located on the sign in/out table


Children with any of the following symptoms are not permitted to remain in care:

1. Fever of at least 100 º F as read under arm (axillary temp.) using a digital thermometer accompanied by one or more of the following:

• Diarrhea or vomiting

• Earache

• Headache

• Signs of irritability or confusion

• Sore throat

• Rash

• Eye drainage that is thick and discolored

• Fatigue that limits participation in daily activities

                 No rectal or ear temperatures are taken.

2. Vomiting:

3. Diarrhea:

4. Rash (especially with fever or itching)

5. Eye discharge or conjunctivitis (pinkeye): until clear or until 24 hours of antibiotic treatment

6. Sick appearance, not feeling well, and/or not able to keep up with program activities

7. Open or oozing sores, unless properly covered and 24 hours has passed since starting antibiotic treatment, if antibiotic treatment is necessary.

8. Lice or scabies:

• Head lice: until no lice or nits are present.

• Scabies: until after treatment

Once a parent/guardian or emergency contact is notified to pick up child we expect pick up within 30 minutes.

Following exclusion, children are readmitted to the program when they no longer have any of the above symptoms and/or Public Health exclusion guidelines for child care are met.

**Child should not return until symptom free without medication for 24 hours.

     We notify parents and guardians when their children may have been exposed to a communicable disease or condition (other than the common cold) and provide them with information about that disease or condition. We notify parents and guardians of possible exposure by a posted notice, or a note in the sign in/out book. Individual child confidentiality is maintained. **“Communicable Disease Letters for Families” are available online at

In order to keep track of contagious illnesses (other than the common cold), an Illness Log is kept. Each entry includes the child’s name, classroom, and type of illness. We maintain confidentiality of this log.

Staff members follow the same exclusion criteria as children.

We follow this policy to keep from sharing illness with other families in our care.