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 Summer Program Newsletter

Aha! & Aha 2 Childcare & Family Learning Center

Dear Parents

 Summer has arrived and we are having beautiful sunny weather to enjoy.  We at Aha! & Aha 2 Childcare and Family Learning Center are looking forward to an exciting summer program.  We are planning many activities to encourage writing and art skills, math and science awareness and positive group interactions.  Many of the activities will be outside so please apply sunscreen on your child before they come into the center and send your child a bottle of sunscreen to leave at the center for application in the afternoon. The permission to apply sunscreen is by the sign in book and add the name of your child’s sunscreen to the sheet.  Thank you for your help in this.


 Summer is still a time for learning at the center but we wish it to be a fun experience for the children. The projects planned will have a monthly theme that we hope the children will find interesting. This month our theme is BUGS, SUMMER, AND MEXICO (Pre-K class) next month we are moving on to camping, 4th of July, Island and Ocean life and Pirates. We will continue to display the children’s art work in their classrooms as well as in the hallway and we are putting together memory books with some of the letter projects, writing pages and art work that we did this year.  Please feel free to pop into the room to see your child’s projects any time.


 Water play will be a part of the summer activities so please send a set of water clothes (swim suit, shorts, aqua socks etc.) If your child does not already have a change of clothes in their cubby please bring an extra set.  If they do have extra clothes this is a good time to make sure they still fit and are appropriate for the warmer weather.  We have spills or other accidents and a change of clothes is needed. Also, they will need a towel and sunscreen.  The warmer weather always brings a change in shoes.  Sandals with back straps are great but flip flops can be a hazard on the playground.  If your child has sandals that do not stay on or flip flops please send an extra pair of shoes to change into when we go outside or if we go on a walk. A reminder: good walking shoes are required for field trips


 Please mark your child’s name on all items so they can be returned to the correct person.  We cannot predict nice days so water play will be as weather permits. We look forward to a fun and memory filled summer with the children.  If you have any questions for us or about the summer activities, please feel free to talk to one of the teachers, Jean or Toni.


Thank you for letting us be a part of your child’s life.

The Staff at Aha! & Aha 2

Please review the Healthcare policy on illness below.


This may also be found in the Parent Handbook (p. 8) and Healthcare Policy (p. 5), located on the sign in/out table


Children with any of the following symptoms are not permitted to remain in care:

1. Fever of at least 100 º F as read under arm (axillary temp.) using a digital thermometer accompanied by one or more of the following:

• Diarrhea or vomiting

• Earache

• Headache

• Signs of irritability or confusion

• Sore throat

• Rash

• Eye drainage that is thick and discolored

• Fatigue that limits participation in daily activities

                 No rectal or ear temperatures are taken.

2. Vomiting:

3. Diarrhea:

4. Rash (especially with fever or itching)

5. Eye discharge or conjunctivitis (pinkeye): until clear or until 24 hours of antibiotic treatment

6. Sick appearance, not feeling well, and/or not able to keep up with program activities

7. Open or oozing sores, unless properly covered and 24 hours has passed since starting antibiotic treatment, if antibiotic treatment is necessary.

8. Lice or scabies:

• Head lice: until no lice or nits are present.

• Scabies: until after treatment

Once a parent/guardian or emergency contact is notified to pick up child we expect pick up within 30 minutes.

Following exclusion, children are readmitted to the program when they no longer have any of the above symptoms and/or Public Health exclusion guidelines for child care are met.

**Child should not return until symptom free without medication for 24 hours.

     We notify parents and guardians when their children may have been exposed to a communicable disease or condition (other than the common cold) and provide them with information about that disease or condition. We notify parents and guardians of possible exposure by a posted notice, or a note in the sign in/out book. Individual child confidentiality is maintained. **“Communicable Disease Letters for Families” are available online at

In order to keep track of contagious illnesses (other than the common cold), an Illness Log is kept. Each entry includes the child’s name, classroom, and type of illness. We maintain confidentiality of this log.

Staff members follow the same exclusion criteria as children.

We follow this policy to keep from sharing illness with other families in our care.