Programs & Curriculums

Activity Centerfor your child’s fun, discovery & development


Reading is one of the basis communication skills that your child will need to master.  With it, our world write a story into our hearts.  We are pleased to provide a place where story telling can begin in your child’s heart and grow richer  as he/she grows into an adult.


We don’t know who the next Einstein will be but we do know that a passion for math & science will have to be born first.   AHA Childcare provides a simple math/science activity center for your child to begin his/her fascination with the natural world around him.


In this modern world, computers can calculate, do math, and even talk.  So it’s nice that there is an area of life that is still, well, so human.  We want to encourage that unique aspect of humanity – your child’s creativity through art & music.   We are happy to provide an activity center to do so.

Critical Thinking

One skill is vital to the success of your child’s life, the ability to think through things to make the right decisions.  So critical thinking isn’t an option, it’s a necessity.  We want to help your child grown in this way.  And to that end, we have created a critical thinking activity center just form them.

Devotions with Jesus

We believe that every child needs to know that they are desired and of value, by you, their family, and a by their BIG daddy, who we call God.  We want them to realize that the God ‘who doesn’t make junk’ finds them of value too and wants to be their friend.  So each day we have a little friendship time with Jesus, where we sing songs and share stories of Jesus’ love.


The toddler program is all about learning to use words to convey thoughts and learning to share while having lots of fun. 


In this program we work on learning how to be kind to others, sharing, cooperating in groups, potty training and exploring the world through play. 

We have monthly themes to encourage learning about colors, shapes, numbers, textures and a number of other skills as the children grow. 

We balance our group time, free choice activities and outside time to encourage large motor skills, fine motor skills, and social development.


In this program we are learning to hold writing tools correctly, cutting with scissors, self-regulating skills and cooperating with others, sharing and communicating with our friends and teachers. 

We follow the same monthly theme as the preschool including activities that will develop good fine motor skills, learning to write their own name and recognize their friends’ names, yellow book stories to encourage writing skills and story-telling, as well as colors, shapes letters, numbers, and textures.   

We balance our group time, free choice activities and outside time to encourage large motor skills, fine motor skills, and social development.   We take walks around our skills, and social development.  We take walks around our area to learn about nature and the community around us.

School Age

This program is set up for before and after school care during the school year and for all day care during breaks, holidays and summer. 

We are in the Central School area and walk the children to and from school each day.   We provide time for the children to work on their homework as well as time to relax and play. 

The class also follows the same monthly theme as the preschool and pre-K class doing art projects and activities that will encourage self-regulation skills, communication skills, writing skills and support their learning through school. 

During the summer the school age children have field trips each week to explore our area.   We go to the parks and local business’ to learn more about our community.


What Our Families are Saying

I didn’t realize,  when I first brought my daughter to AHA Childcare, how much I would learn to appreciate AHA Childcare dedication to a learning based model instead of simply ‘baby-sitting’ until I was done work.  Thank you AHA Childcare!   It’s made a world of difference to my daughter’s development.

Both my children are at  AHA Childcare and their favorite part is learning and exploring new things.

My kids are never bored at childcare.  They go from station to station and keep busy all the time.  Actually they can’t wait, every day,  until school is over so they can go back to AHA Childcare again.